Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Importance Of A Learned Life

What is life, but training? Our experiences, our passions (good or bad - if that fits), strife, adventures, parties, sex, rides, runs, climbs, artwork, love and crossfit exercises are only the development of the little drivers inside all of us. And he/she/it is only getting better, if you allow it. But there's a trick to that! Keep reading... 

The training we did in 2013 did wonders to prepare us more fully for another year of the radical, the divine, the dramatic, daunting, powerful, lovely, beautiful and the adventure of it all. When I reflect on another year of living, I'm only humbled by the present (as you might consider doing too). But, you must keep adding more weight, you have to get faster and, most importantly, you need to follow the deepest of spirit within you.

Far to many of us go about our daily lives in the routine (I'm no exception to this rule). However, there must be a purpose, something deeper, that you maintain in your routine. To me, this doesn't have to be saving starving children in China. It could be as simple as learning a new trade, or skill. What about going inward and improving the self? What about keeping your hair as fantastic as possible? My point is if one isn't growing the mind, then stop and get off the planet! A studied, learned and passionate human is the most powerful thing on the planet!


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