Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yoga Is The Hardest Thing I Do

I'm far from flexible, and Yoga seems to illustrate this point more clearly than just about anything. Furthermore, some of my class selections are on the flawed side (I'm a beginner, and belong in a beginner class). All this said, I'm hooked... Yoga is s-l-o-w-l-y teaching me movement with breath. As a rock climber, back country skier and mountain biker (with a bent towards freeride), the ability to focus on my breath and not impending doom from a drop on my mountain bike or fall from a climb is quickly becoming critical for my success (not to mention just life in general - focus on the breath). As I move through each movement, a struggle though they are, I try to follow our teacher's instructions: breath in for this move, breath out during that move. I find myself holding my breath barely able to maintain my muscle shake. But I keep focusing on breathing (or lack thereof). Hard!

I'm truly amazed by the practitioners at Yoga Durango! Last night, at a more advanced class (where I probably had no business being), I saw some of the most amazing human movements. Body positions I can only dream of doing. To say I'm humbled only scratches the surface of my awe. So I'm going to stay with it this time (even though I once owned a small Yoga studio - Rock Lounge), as I believe Yoga clearly has a path for me.

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