Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Reasons You Should Buy More Stuff At Thrift Stores

It's hard to really pin down where and when the first thrift store opened, but many will say it was during World War II when the Red Cross opened a "Charity Shop" in London. Because of the popularity of the shop (and the idea in general: buy and donate to charity) the stores grew to over 150! It then became a trend which fashioned its way to the United States where Goodwill and the Salvation Army took thrifting to a whole new level. In many ways, the concept doesn't actually require a special building or point of sale system. We all give things (or sell) to those who may want them at a lower (reduced) price. The value is not as high for us, and we might as well make it useful somewhere or for someone else (funny how perception of value can change like that).

I'm a firm believer in Thrift Store shopping! No one can argue the sense of adventure (I don't really adventure with my clothes, except around Halloween). I also have a philosophy when it comes to furniture: it should just come magically or you buy it thrifty. And this is where I start my list of reasons why you should buy more stuff at Thrift Stores.
  1. Where else can you furnish an entire home for $1000 (with higher-end furniture)? 
  2. In a Thrift Store, the 70's, 80's and 90's still live! 
  3. There are surprises around every corner - just found some really cool nightstands, and they are red! 
  4. The people are amazing! They can help you find stuff you didn't know you even needed... I guess that's a good sales person. However, they are generally interested in helping! 
  5. It is called reusing! If you're the eco-conscious type, and you don't buy from Thrift stores... Well, think about that one!

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