Sunday, March 16, 2014

That's It! Walker's 10 Rules For Facebooking!

Droves of my friends are leaving Facebook, and I'm about to join them! I'm tired of the pointless posting that pervades Facebook. At first, I let all this go, but now people are starting to ruin my social experience. So, instead of ranting (for too long), I'm going to post some rules that people might want to consider following... Rule one (see the picture)...

Walker's Facebook Rules!
  1. Have some self control! Read this twice, and you can be done with this post!
  2. Facebooking is for sharing, email is for caring... If you're essentially saying something to someone, but using the medium of Facebook, well don't! No one wants to see it, and direct messages are better when directed appropriately. 
  3. Stop with the political and religious rants... I'm all for debate, but when you're just sharing YOUR OPINION with no facts, please also include instructions for how to block you
  4. You have NO RIGHT to waste my time... If you include me in some request to do something, be powerful, bold, conscientious. No game requests, EVER! Refer to the red highlighted content here, if you do...
  5. DO POST: humorous, educational, inspirational and news-worthy content! 
  6. DO POST: news about your accomplishments, but...........
  7. DO NOT POST: any type of HUMBLE BRAG! Not sure what a humble brag is? Click here
  8. Stop with the play-by-play of your life! If you're doing something, do it, be happy with just that (unless it is really, really rad).
  9. Try creating some valuable content... I'm not suggesting my blog is worth a shit, but I try to post interesting and engaging content, and that is shared via my social networks. Creativity is magic, (and can go viral, you know... Dang!)
  10. Try going dark for a while... Be mysterious! It just might get people talking about you more, which you probably want anyway. Freak! :) 
As a responsible social media-ite, it is your duty to share this with people who violate ANY of these rules!

Including back at me! Snap! 

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