Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Innovation Of Lonliness - Endless Personal Promotion

I've been talking with friends, co-workers, business leaders and more about their use of social networking, and my big question is why?

Why use Facebook to post your latest adventure/coffee setting/workout agenda/night-out-with-friends/thought pattern/political rant/relationship status/etc? What value do you get from all this posting? I'm even asking myself this question... Can you answer why you post (and then do you have the guts to say/share it)? Do you remember what you did BEFORE Facebook?

I'd wager there is a mix of reasons why (you post)... But after someone sent me this video (below), I think they (the creators) are on to an even bigger question... Are we actually getting lonelier because of all these social networks? Interesting that the commentator labels social posting as Endless Personal Promotion. This hit me as one of the most valid reason for posting your latest coffee shop visit with your BFF and having way too many LOLs (we all know there can be a financial return from posting [remember when there as no advertising on Facebook?]). Check out the video...

Note: Oprah is also on to this loneliness trend

Note 2: I really hope people don't get the impression I'm ANTI Facebook... I'm just exploring my own behavior and why I am engaged on social platforms... I'm asking myself: what is my real motivation for Facebooking?

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