Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Real Secret To Selling

Ever read one of those sales or marketing books? The industry writing about selling and marketing has to be one of the largest... Everyone seems to have a magic unicorn. I'm reading the Challenger Sales Method. Interesting, yeah... I like it. I bought it. My take on it: those that are passionate about what they sell, will sell the most because they know (and love) what they're talking about. All these books are basically the same... We have some amazing new methodology that will revolutionize your sales!!! ACT NOW!!! Some good stuff, some bad stuff. But I've realized one important thing in sales: great sales people, great companies that sell well, they show up!

Everyday people that succeed wake up, get up and show up. They work like hell, making mistakes after trying new things. No, there isn't some secret sauce to what you're doing. Just show up and try hard!

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