Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Would You Be A Nicer Or Meaner Person, If You Were Rich?

I hope to be able to answer this question later in life...  I can only imagine it. Sitting on piles of money, a reporter would ask me, "were you a nice person with all this money?" One cannot help but think of Scrooge from Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Or, perhaps, I would be more like Bill Gates (at least what I see of him). Creating foundations to help educational programs, AIDS and more. Maybe I would be the nicest of all rich people (certainly the one with the most mountain bikes)! There is some research here, and this TEDTalk details it in full.

Interesting, huh? Imagine if you won the uterine lottery? You were born in to a rich and supportive family? You had all the privilege money could buy. Would you be as supportive of your fellow man, or do you think there is more nuance to explore here? Whatever the case, the study was fascinating! The fact is most people DID NOT treat the poor as equals, or friendly for that matter! 

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