Thursday, May 08, 2014

Longer Term Review Of Stans Flow EX MTB Wheels

If you've been to Durango, you know about the variety of our mountain biking terrain. For example, in Durango proper, on one side of the valley you have rocky, high desert terrain. And on the other side, you have packed sand trails over hogbacks. Once you travel north to the high country, the trails turn to alpine glorious! And after riding Durango trails for years, I've finally stumbled on a wheelset that makes sense - the Stans Flow EX.

Stans has been making lite tubless wheels for a while, and having followed the racing team in Durango, I figured that's all they did (lite racing wheels). Well, I'm not a racer anymore, and my riding has changed. I ride the freeride, big mountain and most technical trails I can find. Lite-racy wheels won't cut it. I was at a loss for a lite wheel that could handle my style. I was strongly encouraged to check out the Flow EX.

I'm a fan of these wheels for a few reasons, and encourage you to check them out...
  1. They are affordable! 
  2. Having owned these wheels for six months, I have yet to true them, or do much at all. Solid! 
  3. They look great! 
  4. The took a 15mm conversion easily! 
  5. There is a smoothness to a Stans wheel that's like not other! 
  6. No tubless burp! And only 1 flat so far!
The rest of my rides don't have Stans, but soon will... Check them out! 

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Adam Howell said...

I built up a pair of Stan's ZTR Flow EX wheels and they are solid. They've got a good width, and were easy to make as tubeless. They're on my all-mountain trail bike. Tough and light set of wheels!