Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"My Friends, My Habits, My Family; They Mean So Much To Me"

The title of my blog is from the Modest Mouse song One Chance, and a powerful line at that. These words smacks me in the face with one realization: all of them make up who you are (meaning, they've truly helped form you). I have the greatest friends who have stuck by me, a family that has an undying will to see me succeed and habits that I've enjoyed, suffered from too, but with such passion. And the best part is that as I live my life I gain more friends and cool habits (hopefully not too many bad ones). So, in the end, I'm so grateful for the person I am, because of the people and actions that have formed me so far - and there's even more craziness to come!

I am asking for life to continue this way, and I'm thanking it for all its splendor and amazing wild rides. So in that vein, I am proposing a challenge. Try to thank all of your friends and family today for all they have done to form you as a person. Thank your habits for how they have molded your behaviors and reactions. Write a personal note to three people, say "I love you" to yourself in the mirror and hug your sister! Whatever it is, be so grateful! I am!

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