Monday, August 11, 2014

The Training Life

Only a few truly live a life dedicated to the pursuit of a mission. I'd argue that the lack of purpose or passion is 100% why Americans suffer from depression and a loss of their own power. As for me, I choose to live the training life: a life dedicated to the outdoors and reaching my personal physical (and I'd argue mental) goals. I've given up a lot (and it hurt like hell) to choose this life. I've been afraid, lonely, worried, confused and beaten back by my passion. My back has hurt, I've bled and watched doctors apply braces and stitches to keep me together. But it is all worth it to mountain bike through some of the most amazing parts of this country (and now Canada). I've seen the moon rise over the last climb of the day at City of Rocks Idaho. I've had beers with climbing partners over a campfire. I've seen so much, and these memories are why I do what I do. I love this lifestyle, and won't change it!

This post really isn't about me, or my lifestyle (although it may seems so). This post is about what lifestyle you want to live. We all have a choice! So you should choose what purpose you feel is most important to you! Life that dream, and let nothing get in your way!

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