Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Where To Next?

Funny how many crossroads we face in our professional and personal lives. Should we go left or right? What about this job or the other? Freeride or cross country MTB ride? This town or that town? Chocolate or Vanilla? Run or hike? Sleep or stay up? This spreadsheet or that? Think about how many decision trees you face on a daily basis. What's even more amazing is how we have the ability to choose to react to circumstances, and that those decisions can wildly impact our lives. For example, you can let a decision haunt you for the rest of your life, or not. The journey we take on our own is what makes life so wild. But there is one phrase that captures the essence of decisions (in my opinion) above all else. One that has a sense of adventure and travel associated with it. And each time you ask that question, you're about to face a new adventure... And the phrase is "where to next" or "what's next".

When I think of this phrase I'm struck with the sheer power of it. How many times have I been in my truck looking at the open desert road, asking myself this question. How many times have I been in an actual crossroad in the high country and wondered, "what will happen next, if I go down this road". As I'm writing this, I'm even getting excited about possibilities. Life is all about "what's next" or "where to next". Let's embrace next like never before, and try going there, again and again. 

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