Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Remember Where I Was On 9/11, I Had Just Moved To Durango

I was living in Oklahoma City at the time; sitting at my desk on a Monday morning. The humidity was at its peak that day. I was depressed having just returned from a vacation in Durango! Bummer, why am I in Oklahoma City? And then it happened... I got a call from a guy I had met while bouldering at Turtle Lake (and to think, me and my girlfriend almost didn't go there that day). He called to ask me if I would be interested in taking a job with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Durango?!?!?! I interviewed in the stairwells and on my lunch break, and two and a half weeks later I was here! Durango has now been my home for 13 years... And oh, what a trip it has been!

I arrived late in Durango on 9/10, so 9/11 is really my anniversary date. It was a beautiful morning, just like this one is shaping up to be. Where's the humidity? I got up early, and started making coffee. The friends I was living with actually had a TV, so I turned it on and saw the first plane hit one of the Twin Towers in New York. I was in shock! My sister, is she OK? Life got a little weird as this terrorist attack unfolded before the nation. I learned there was an American Airlines plane that had crashed. Was my sister on that plane? My family and I tried to reach my sister who worked for American Airlines. We called her, her boss and the corporate line. Nothing! No answer, no one to help. It was a wait-and-see game. So, I did the only thing that would give me comfort: I went in to the forest.

I think I got lost in Sailing Hawks about three times that day. Partly, because I think I was stoned immaculate (oh, Colorado). Or, it could have been that it really is kind of a confusing place to run around in. I'm not really sure... The rock was beautiful. I climbed (and then called my sister). Climbed some more (and then called my sister). By evening, after I dug my way out of the magical forest of Sailing Hawks, we had finally talked with her. She had been on an overnight flight, so she had been asleep for most of the day - really!?!?

And so, 13 years later... Here I am, still in Durango! I've climbed these mountain, biked the trails and gripped the rock all around the Four Corners. I've been very gainfully employed, and now work from home (the dream life). I've had my share of relationships that have taught me so much (especially my marriage). I've started businesses and sold them. I've volunteered. Bitched to City Council. Partied my ass off! I've even mowed my yard! I feel as though I've done so much here to benefit others (probably could do more) as well as myself. All in all, I'd say I've lived a successful life in Durango. But I have mixed feelings about it all...

We all struggle/get excited with "what's next". Where are we going? Whom are we going to meet? And this is, no doubt, what is on my mind. I'm super excited about the future (more so now than ever before, especially as of yesterday). However, I'm also worried about the future as there is inevitable change that comes with it. I guess we all need to embrace what could be, and then what is. If you know what I'm talking about, post a comment. If not, post a comment. When I see my future, I see another climbing/training gym and retail shop in Durango (one that isn't burdened by a small space). I see continued climbing, skiing and biking accomplishments (more shredding yay). I see volunteer of the year :) I see an awesome partnership. I see another house, plus a rental. I see personal growth. I see me just asked psyched 13 years later as I am now... So here's to another 13 years in Durango, or wherever I may go! Thanks Durango for the great friends and experiences!

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