Thursday, October 16, 2014

Culture, Creatives And Commerce At Google - How They Do It

I'm not the first one to realize how the world is changing, and changing fast. Think about it:
  1. More start-ups are launching NOW than ever before! Don't believe me, check out the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial activity report
  2. The capital is out there! There is start-up money, and in many cases, it comes with mentorship. For example, in little Durango, CO we have the SCAPE program.
  3. The tools are there (especially if you are in technology). From GitHub to Amazon RDS, any businessperson has the ability to create, host and support software solutions. 
In the American culture, it is the start-up/entrepreneur that usually wins the day with some incredibly powerful idea. It is the creative pursuit that drives positive change to this planet. But the question is, can the "start-up" mentality and constant creativity be harnessed in an established company? Answer: YES! And the proof is at Google.

Google, from my outside perspective, seems to be one of the giants constantly pushing the edge! Frankly, I don't really care about what Apple is doing. To me, they just keep re-doing the same stuff - launch cute products that really don't do much more than play music, allow for better social networking and purchasing of stuff. Yes, they crank revenue, but so what. I look at Google and I wonder: what are they doing to change the world next? I think of Google as having some kind of creative monster beneath that is trying to solve the world's big problems, not just the purchasing ones. And then I stumbled on this presentation... Google's culture attracts and retains the creative business people and product folks that like this kind of thinking: creative! Take a look for yourself...

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