Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everyone Gets Something From The Mountains...

Having a strong connection to the mountains, I was even more humbled by the jagged peaks and sandstone spires of the Southwest when I heard these words: everyone gets something from the mountains. Eddie Hunter, featured in the movie below, has been skiing the Canadian Rockies his entire life. He's likely done it all, and at 88 years old, he can attest to changes, both personal and outside of himself. The mountains, however, have been his one true constant.

But do we all have a sense of harmony like Hunters? Can we all find solace in our environment, or do we run and flock to the unknown? I find that the mountains help center my own chaos, and I do so with bike, ski or rope. I find that the pursuit of adventure to be the only meditation that calms my mind, and spirit. Like Hunter, I do take my time in the mountains. Like a wave of silence, I hope to be scuttled by their majestic calm to find peace.

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