Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Black Rock Oregon MTB - One Sick Place To Ride

When I first started mountain biking I was more of an cross country rider (and still do a ton of that). In my spandex, while riding a 3" bike, I would see all these jumps, berms and wooden tricked out features. I remember thinking how "crazy" these guys were. In fact, I would almost scoff at them. "Who needs that kind of thing..." I would say. Funny how things come full circle... The spandex is gone (safely hidden underneath baggies) and I'm the one either building tricked out terrain or searching for it.

However my perspective changed again when I went to Black Rock Oregon. The stunts go to the next level at Black Rock (and so too with the trail building innovation). In the deeply wooded area, the dirt is tacked out and the building materials are endless. As you wind up the old logging road, you see riders jumping all around you. There are 20' tall wooden bridges with road gaps at the end of them. The trail builders are a dedicated group of serious riders that put some serious love in to each and every berm.

As for me, I only spent a short time there. I tried really hard to jump/gap/shred above my level. Alas, without more time, I could only do so much. But we can all dream of the big lines can't we?

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