Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Reflection

My Grandfather used to say to me, "Walker, saving money is like paying yourself." I've always struggled understanding what he meant. Isn't buying a rad mountain bike paying yourself? But when I take a step back, I simply transferred money to someone else, I wasn't necessarily paying myself. I guess one needs to consider the perspective of his generation, and mine. He's 97.  I use his commentary on a more deeper level: saving money is a lot like reflecting on your life. Whether you've accumulated assets or memories, we all must find place in our hearts and minds to take stock. 

Our lives are a going concern. The seriousness of how one looks back, shapes how positively we grow, or don't. There is no Facebooking when we reflect. No distractions. We are in a quiet place. Our heart is open to the power of the universe to help shape our decision path. We accept that. 

Prior to a year ago, my journal lacked purpose, and was simply a collection of credits from some period of time. I was simply keeping record of the emotional transactions of my life. Now, each morning, I journal how I could have improved from the day before. I close my eyes and take inventory of my day. Partly, it allows me to let go. However, my true purpose is to see where my actions, thoughts or deeds could use some investment. Will I need to be more compassionate to myself or others? Should I look for help? Where was the learning lesson? Perhaps I should have chosen (or will choose) a different path? Thus, the personal transaction is deeper reflection. And I am centered on: what one does with the collective power of all those memories, as these make up the sum of our growth, and who we are.

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