Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Power Of The Strava

A few years ago someone suggested I try this Strava thing... The social activity tracker app allows your phone to GPS your time/distance/location and more data points to showcase your ride, and your shredding ability. So I did. And I didn't like it. At the time I was more or less focused on a different type of, well, me. The me I was racing was one recovering from some personal shit that didn't involve people online, I was racing against myself. And this has been true for the last four years. My competitive self was fighting for the life I wanted to live, compared with the life I was living (if that makes any sense). My point is I wasn't focused on improving as a mountain biker, or improving much at all. Enter a wake up call that's changed my life... 

Very recently, there came a moment that moved everything in to focus. Or better yet, the fog is starting to clear. In a lot of ways, I'm taking this opportunity to develop a greater sense of who I want to be, and what's most important. I'm getting back to the roots of what's driven me as a person for most of my life - training. And now, I'm in a place to use Strava. 

I'm sure this seems silly, but there's power in data and tracking one's performance. I feel as though I'm more or less committed to driving hard to perform, to focus my talent on going faster and faster. In other words, I feel Strava is reminding me to do better, and the data helps! So, if you're wondering how to track my rides/skills, well my profile is here, and feel free to follow - If you want to follow my life, well talk to me on the trail some time!

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