Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Shadow, And Rumi

The first time I read Rumi, the 13th Century Persion poet, I was in college at the University of Oklahoma. However, his words didn't sit with me then... The second time I read Rumi I was in a sauna in San Francisco going to a Grateful Dead show. Let's just say his words stuck deep within me...

Now, I'm pretty much hooked on the power of Rumi's visuals and powerful narrative. One of the latest poems that's caught my attention is
Who Says Words With My Mouth. If I may be so bold as to provide my interpretation and analysis, then let me say that I'm most moved by how there appears to be a semblance of the ego, or a power known to the narrator that is similar to "that little voice in our head". However, Rumi brings forth the voice as having unwanted and, at times, wanted control over the actions/thoughts/words of the narrator. It is though there is a shadow force managing some drunken part of the mind. I call it ego!

And don't we all have this little voice that likes to remind us of our lack of success/failures or how things should have been? For me, Rumi calls it out and asks, who is speaking for me? If this voice isn't my own, why does it speak? I also love that he calls in the drunk; the one voice that yells the loudest. There is likely no correcting the voice, as it has its place. Trust me, trying to fight this voice and silence its presence is a battle not easily won. But I love the question Rumi poses - who speaks for me? As I reflect on this, I wonder who that really, really is?

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