Monday, September 14, 2015

Ever Have One Of Those Amazing Summers?

I guess I really can't say enough about this summer... Frankly, it has been a blast! From concerts to travel, to big mountain ride/climbs, to fun parties. I think I've done just about it all. What's more, a lot of my adventuring has been in and around Durango. After years of getting on the road and exploring other places, I finally believe I've been able to come back home for a while - and it has been amazing! But this realization didn't just come to me, I had to work at it. And the point of this post is simple, but reflective of the first part of this paragraph: focus on the amazing, and remember it. 

I feel like so many of us (including me) rarely reflect on the amazing we have in our life! Yes, we are in the experience. Yes, it is a blast (or it totally fucking sucks). But when was the last time you sat down, and thought about what the fuck just happened? As a back-country skier, there are many times I've been back at my car, looking at the peak I was just at the top of, saying, I was just up there. But I don't think of how much fun it was getting there. I don't recall the bent tree with the snow wrapped so carefully around it. Or the small white rabbit dancing over the snow... These are the moments we need to wrap in to our head. And, so, as I remember this summer, I'm overwhelmed with love and happiness for all the people, places and purpose I've experienced. I am grateful, thank you! 

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