Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Reminded Of The Simple Life - 180-Degrees South

Stop, and take a look around your house, or the room you're in... What do you see? Is your space cluttered? Do you see things you really don't need? Is everything in your house serving a purpose? Now go in to your mind... Are there emotions and issues that don't serve you? Would you be better off not over-thinking about an issue or potential problem in your life? Do we actually complicate our lives unnecessarily? These are questions that struck me after truly digesting the movie 180-degrees South. A movie about replicating the famous trip by Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard to Patagonia (check out the trailer below).

In the movie, Jeff Johnson, the replicator of the famous climbing trip to Patagonia, retraces the journey to find himself, the wilds of Patagonia and to learn from two sages of the climbing and mountaineering world - Tompkins and Chouinard. But what wowed me wasn't just the images of Patagonia and the story line, but a deeper message... Live simply... To be honest, I've over-complicated my life with so many stresses, things, expectations, desires, worries, fears, shit-I-shouldn't-be-doing, hungover days, and more. And this movie brought the question back to me... Why? Is there a reason for all this complication and shit? Nope!

So I'm challenging myself to live a more simple life... And that may mean just removing some excess worry and stress. It may mean eating less meat. A simple life may mean using my money to preserve a part of nature. It could mean I clean my house out. It could represent a more authentic way of living. It could mean being quiet when I want to speak (it probably should). It could mean I let things happen instead of forcing them. It will mean I live life with intention, concentration and the awe of what I want more of: the wilds and power of the mountains. I leave this blog post with a quote...

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