Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physical / Mentals

As an executive, boyfriend, leader and mountain athlete, I'm always trying to find new things to improve my production, training and mental fortitude. Take what you want from this list, or feel free to comment and add more...

  1. With my team, I asked them to watch Jocko Willink's Extreme Ownership TEDtalk: This video represents one of the most important and value states of mind one could hold. If I'm trying to be a good person, and I am doing my best for my team, myself and my company, then I should OWN the outcome! I should be prepared to take the blame for a failure and the win for the success. Too many times, I hear blaming and see finger-pointing if a project or adventure goes wrong. This is weakness! Strength is owning it
  2. Check out Gentleman Radio on youtube the channel is full of amazing work tunes that range from EDM, tropic techno, afro-cuban beats and more. This channel's exotic mix will get you focused! 
  3. The Assault Airbike is one of the best new additions to my garage gym. The bike is tough! Sprinting and intervals on the Assault Bike worked my legs and arms surprisingly so. I suggest starting at 3 - 5 minutes of high-intensity spinning / cranking. Back off for 30 seconds to 1 min and head back in the pain zone for another 3 - 5 min. Repeating this interval will have you sweating, I promise! 
  4. Read Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life I picked up the Audible and I've enjoyed the concepts and straight-forward talk of the Canadian clinical psychologist. He proposes all kinds of rules from standing up straight to discipline within the family structure. I'm on rule seven, so time to do a big hill climb on my bike to finish the chapter. 
  5. The Atlas XC Comp MTB shorts by Specialized are one of my new favs The short stretch fabric is comfortable, and as I've been going away from the baggier of the baggys, I like the look too. I wouldn't count on these to hold up to a big DH crash, but for general XC and Enduro riding, they are solid! The liner is a little on the tight side, so I'd opt for something else - will likely depend on your body type. I found they cram my boys, but maybe they'll stretch out! 
That's it for this week, stay tuned for more... Shred on!