Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physicals / Mentals

As an executive, people leader, entrepreneur and mountain athlete, I'm always trying to find new things to improve my production, training and mental fortitude. Take what you want from this list, or feel free to comment and add more...

  • So, I've started with Onnit Brand's Alpha Brain So far, I like. Noticeable differences in concentration, without a major caffeine buzz! The impact is minimal, and I attribute this to my early stage consumption. I imagine cumulative affects to contribute more in the coming weeks. 
  • The EMT Cage Mount by Specialized is one of my new must-haves for mountain biking. The tool / mount system connects to SWAT compatible water bottle cage and handily fits underneath the cage. In most cycling tool kits, one must make the difficult choice: no tool, or limited tools. That's not an issue with this innovation from my new favorite bike company.
  • I have been traveling a lot (avoiding the bullshit #416 fire, work) and more and more people / companies / governments are embracing the single-use plastic ban Tell me this isn't one of the best new environmental movements in a while! A straw with every drink? WTF! Do your part, and say, "no straw" and "no thanks, I have my own bags". Let's bankrupt these companies! 
  • For my garage gym, I had to upgrade the audio. For my home, I needed to do the same. These little Polk Bookshelf speakers are some of the best I've owned, and not pricey at all Great sound; easy on the budget! 
  • Reading through some old Bruce Lee quotes, and this one is such a classic: I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.