Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physicals / Mentals

As an executive, people leader, entrepreneur and mountain athlete, I'm always trying to find new things to improve my production, training and mental fortitude. Take what you want from this list, or feel free to comment and add more...

  1. I have to call out my trip at Pretty Lights... I called this out in an earlier post, but I feel as though they crushed the show. I'm still listening to the recaps:
  2. Staying with the music craze I'm on... You have to check out A former member of the Pretty Lights Analog, this Adam Deitch is one of the best drummers I've ever heard 
  3. The Nootropics craze, I believe, is a worthy one... And to that end, I've been a real fan of ThinkGum A quick chew and you're back to square one. I haven't gotten the jitters or felt anxious. The pick-me-up is smooth and quick. Try it out, the Standford students seem to love it! 
  4. I'm an eMTB-er now! Can't say enough about it, but I'm going to wait... I believe, if you haven't thought about an eBike or completed a test ride, you must! 
  5. A quote I've been pondering lately... My good friend @JoshMather sent to me: “If everything you do needs to work on a three-year time horizon, then you’re competing against a lot of people. But if you’re willing to invest on a seven-year time horizon, you’re now competing against a fraction of those people, because very few companies are willing to do that. Just by lengthening the time horizon, you can engage in endeavors that you could never otherwise pursue. At Amazon we like things to work in five to seven years. We’re willing to plant seeds, let them grow—and we’re very stubborn.”   “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” Jeff Bezos