Building Great Power Points

I have to do a lot of power points... What's wild is how the many that follow a "more is better" principle vs a "less is more" best practice get the praise in business. More and more, I'm sensing that power point has turned in to a documentation tool vs a presentation vehicle to get the point across (you like that)! Jeff Bezos probably recognized this trend and so instituted a ban on power point! Instead of the death-by-too-many-words-on-the-screen challenges, he made his team actual write... Check out this post about his change. So what's up with power point? Why do we feel the need to write every little thing on the page vs talking about it? Furthermore, is my presentation style worth a shit either? 

I thought this presentation highlighted some best practices on power point...  

The five rules he covers: 
One message (per slide) No text Sentences SIZE Contrast - to steer focus SIX or less objects (per slide) Dark background