What Could Be More Important Than The Tech?

As I look at my career path, I continue to find that a deeper and deeper relationship with technology is the most critical path forward. Or, let me say it a better way, I find technology just much more interesting! At a recent conference, I was amazed at how many business leaders were interested in the "technology discussion" vs the "business side". What I mean is the business owner, cared about the integration of technology and how that made more money versus just new GoToMarket concepts. Again and again, it is all about the tech! And, I don't mean this argument: I understand the technology, but don't know how to code... I mean, you must know how to code!

I've taken a few courses, but now I'm bullish on more than just dabbling in to coding and development... I'm hungry for building something! I was curious if any other executives felt the same, and come to find out, Harvard Business Review seems to have found that more and more MBA's are interesting in software development too https://hbr.org/2013/09/should-mbas-learn-to-code

In the article, the author Thomas Eisenman, considers the benefits:

  1. Better communication with developers
  2. The value-add on a resume
  3. Engineering work contributions
  4. And more... 
Look, it can only benefit one's skillsets... So, my next thing: find a course, and dominate it!