Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physicals / Mentals

FIVE opinions and recommendations on things: shredding outdoors, books, music, outdoor gear, tech, training and mental fortitude... Oh, and one picture from the week. Enjoy.  

Pic of the week: a few weekends ago I was in Moab, Utah. My aim was to play outside and train hard. I also got some camp fire time in... Kind of a lame, between-the-legs view, but thought I'd share. 

  1. First off, the music... I'm a Pretty Lights fan (do hope they go back on tour). I was able to find some good live replays of the 2014 Red Rocks show where they invited the Colorado Symphony Orchestra - incredible. Check out:
  2. I recently purchased the the Rogue SR-1 speed rope and couldn't be more impressed! The speed rope is easy fluid during turns and its quick! The handles allow for me to easily leverage and keep the tension on the rope (great for eliminating the whip-affect). Check one out:
  3. I've had a few conversations about gym memberships... I'm a gym freak, and always try to get in as many training sessions as possible. Lately, I've joined the Colorado Athletic Club and can't say enough good things about this gym. The gym is clean, well-organized and has a lot of the interesting equipment to keep you entertained. Check them out (if you're in Colorado, that is):
  4. I've been looking at new boxing gloves for my heavy bag workouts and I've settled on the the RDX Elites have a great fit and incredible protection. What I really like is how the wrist strap is easy to lock down with one glove on. 
  5. There are sports sunglasses and there are fashion sunglasses and then there are "both". The Oakley Straightback is my choice of sunglasses that meet the "both" requirement: