Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physicals / Mentals

Opinions, thoughts and recommendations on things: shredding outdoors, books, music, outdoor gear, tech, training and mental fortitude... Oh, and one picture from the week. Enjoy.  

Pic Of The Week: I'm a huge fan of riding Animas mountain trail near my house. This 1K mountain bike climb offers an amazing view north up the Animas valley. However, on this ride, a nice little storm came in on my Thanksgiving day ride. Very happy to see some snow start to roll in! 

  1. Check out these boxing gloves from RDX... Whether you're a fighter or just a heavy bag trainer, these are killer. With a locking wrist strap and joint-protecting padding, the glove gives you all that you need. What I really like is how stable my wrist feels. 
  2. Next up, my music pick for the week: I've been hooked on a LoFi Dub Techno mix lately. The dark background beats help me focus and provide just enough "interesting" to keep my entertained - a great study or work rip. 
  3. Do you have a reader aggregation app? If no, I strongly suggest Medium - The site's creators have paid staff writers and also pull in amazing stories from the read. The total cost for a premium membership is $50 / annually. I'm incredibly thankful for the content sourcing provided by the staff - I haven't found much Fox-news (right wing) type crap! 
  4. If you're looking for a mid-weight mountain bike or dirt biking glove, you must check out the Kitsbow HiLine glove I love their concept: we saw mountain bikers wearing work gloves, so we made one! The glove is great. I can't say my hands are incredibly warm (they should have added a windproof layering - check out the Leatt windblock gloves), but the whole concept has me interested. The glove has a tight and well-fitted feel (I'm a large). The gloves doesn't bunch at the handlebar grips, like I thought a full leather palm would. I have plenty of room to grab the brakes and I feel stable in the cockpit. The shocking part: the leather palms works amazingly well on a smartphone (Samsung S8). I see more purchases coming from this company - well done! 
  5. Quote of the week: "The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places" Earnest Hemingway - A Farewell To Arms