Five Life Impactors - Tools / Ideas / Physicals / Mentals

Opinions, thoughts and recommendations on things: shredding outdoors, books, music, outdoor gear, tech, training and mental fortitude... Oh, and one picture from the week. Enjoy.  

Pic of the week: my girlfriend was so sweet to pay for a Telluride weekend. So far, in SW CO, the snow hasn't really shaped up yet. However, this was one of those early-season snowfalls that did produce. This was my second trip skiing in Telluride, and dang... What a resort! 

1. As always, the music suggestion for this week. I've become this huge fan of pretty much anything from Daily Bread The EDM / Hip Hop artist mixes everything from classic soul to modern hip hop and synth beats for spectacular tunes that won't disappoint. 

2. In keeping with the ski theme, I must recommend the Giro chips from phone calls to funk, these bass-booming bluetooth speakers drive a sound explosion in to your ears. With an easy on and off switch, you can stop the music fun with one click for chair lift philosophy. At $129, they're kind of pricey, but who can put a price to shredding and tunes! 

3. This is for those Front Range Coloradoans... I've recently joined the Colorado Athletic Club for when my travels bring me to the Denver Tech Center. If you know me, the only real thing I want to do in life is own a health club (again). The Colorado Athletic Club does it best with great equipment and a focused environment (sorry, but I'm over the spandex meet-market)

4. So this recommendation might show my paranoia... As a kid, our house was robbed, if we left things outside in the yard, we may not seeing them again. At my current house, I've had a few bikes stolen... You get the point. I installed the Amazon Blink camera system, and I found the best security system - so far! The Blink cameras run off lithium ion batteries - so the set up is a snap (literally). The camera's have a nice FREE storage and motion-generated recording feature. All the recorded video feed, alerts and the busted intruder goes right to your phone. I bought three for ~$200.

5. And now to our quote... I'm back to the powerful and insightful Bruce Lee. This quote stood out to me this morning: when you say something is impossible; you have made it impossible