Three Books To Add To Your Daily Reading List

I love to read... However, sometimes I can't pour in to a book like I want to. So, as a daily practice, I read a few pages of some of my books each morning. I've also found that some of the books that I enjoy (guides, self-help books) are short in chapter. Thus, I can get a quick read in without a full three-hour page turn session. My recommendations:

  1. The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday. This book uses the lessons of legendary Stoic philosophers to help us navigate the perils of everyday life. Each lesson is dated, and contains a hint about how to apply the teaching.
  2. 365 Tao, by Ming-Dao Deng. One of my favorite Taoist authors, Deng is a legend. The best part of this book are the subtle poems and Taoist mantras that start each chapter. There is a powerful lesson to be gained within each page.
  3. Tools For Titans, by Tim Ferris. I'm sure you get this one right off the bat, if you read this blog. Tim is the best at capturing little tricks and ideas on how to improve one's life. He pulls ideas from entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists and generally powerhouse thinkers in this world. This one is a re-read, re-read.