Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Attempt at Crack House

Good fun... I will get this one day!

But it just might take me a few more attempts!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gold Bar Rim - I Love This Ride!

You just can't beat a long, Moab ride. Especially one that traverses Gold Bar Rim. From Gemini Bridges to Portal trail, the Gold Bar Rim trail has it all: stunts, climbs, drops, longness (as in long ride), scenery like you wouldn't believe and, of course, PORTAL TRAIL!

From the top... You can see Moab below

I just had to get a picture of this Indian Paintbrush flower - spring is here

Another one from the top

For the first time, they marked all the stunts - it was awesome!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Christina Get's Durango Herald Endorsement

"Christina Thompson is new to elective office. As such, she would bring to the council a fresh perspective, something that can benefit all decision-making bodies from time to time. With personal experience in local business and an academic background in environmen­tal science, she promises innovative thinking along with her undeniable energy and infec­tious enthusiasm. Economizing by cutting trash pickups and increasing recycling to three times per week, as she has suggested be considered, may or may not be workable. But what a refreshingly simple and straightforward idea – and one that does not start with hiring a consultant."


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Last Week Of The Durango City Council Campaign, Almost

John Wells gave an amazing speech at the Sorrel Sky fundraiser... He said, "if you believe in someone who is smart, caring, full of integrity, creative and willing to go the extra mile, then that's the person you should vote for"... Christina obviously has those qualities, but what John was getting at wasn't candidate endorsement it was that everyone has a voice - IF YOU VOTE!

John is right! It is getting closer to the time when you should tell your friends, colleagues and family members TO SUPPORT A CANDIDATE, and most importantly, VOTE! March 23rd is walk-in election day. A simple way to make sure your voice is heard is going to the polls on that day to cast your opinion on how you'd like to see Durango improved. But don't worry if you don't walk in, YOU WILL GET A BALLOT IN THE MAIL - Christina is FIRST ON THE LIST.

How can you support a smart, caring, full of integrity, creative and willing to go the extra mile person, LIKE CHRISTINA?

1. Try writing a letter to the DurangoHerald editor:
2. Pick up a sign or sticker from Christina at her office in Crossroads Durango: MAP HERE
3. Tell three new people they might consider voting for Christina by forwarding this email. Christina's website (if you would like to link to it in your blog):
4. Support Christina on her Facebook page

Why support? Christina made a some points the other day at the Eggs and Issues debate:

1. Owners of mother-in-law apartments should be allowed to rent them - it just might pay for a mortgage, and more people just might live downtown (Do I hear infill?????)
2. Smart growth is what we have now - 1 - 2%, let's keep smart growth our goal
3. Open space is critical, and she applauds the hundreds of acres already purchased in horse gulch
4. There are many support services for small businesses and we need to do what we can to help
5. It is all about collaboration
6. Infill development is a key agenda item for Christina - let's maximize the space we do have

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News From The Campaign Trail

My wife is running for city council. Yesterday she was invited to answer questions at a chamber of commerce sponsored event called Eggs And Issues. All of the candidates were asked to join. They all sat at a table that faced the rest audience; about 70 of us. Directly in front of the candidates were reporters who asked the questions. If you have a spouse who has run for city council and had to answer questions like this, then you were probably as nervous as I was. But, what a show!

The questions started off easy: why are you running for city council. However, the questions became more challenging as the session went on: assuming there will be cuts in the budget, where would you cut first. Christina was poised and relaxed. She answered eloquently and with charm. She also mentioned preserving open space, before anyone else did - which is critical in my eyes! The questions kept coming: what would you change. The session ended with a lightning round of questions: yes or no, only please.

At the end, Christina did great! She also got great feedback from the voters - again, great work!

For more info on Christina's run for city council, go here:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NPR Community - I signed up...

After listening to, and having strong reactions to, some stories on NPR, I decided to sign up as an NPR community member. What does this mean?

It means that I can bitch, sorry, comment about what I hear on my favorite NPR programs. Hopefully you won't have to read about my experience within this community, because you'll hear me on the radio - COMMENTING...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Daniel Schorr, NPR Senior Analyst, Is A Good Listen

I listen to Daniel Schorr every weekend on NPR Weekend edition. On Saturday's Weekend Edition, I not only heard another fabulous story, but news that Schorr is on Twitter! If you haven't checked out this veteran reporters stories, be sure to put it on your weekend agenda! Or, you can follow him on Twitter...


Friday, March 06, 2009


Working on building your Facebook friends? Well now there might be a new Facebooker that is anxious to get on your network: THE US GOVERNMENT.

Vivek Kundra has been appointed as the US federal government’s first CIO, and promises to move the government to adopt more consumer technology, as well as cloud computing. He sees cloud computing as an alternative to the “big IT” culture of federal agencies.

As reported by ComputerWorld’s Patrick Thibodeau, Kundra is also a big fan of social networking communities such as Facebook, which he sees as a potential model by which citizen-based communities can help drive policy. Facebook’s 140 million users have “been able to self-organize on issues, on policy, on problems and create a movement so people can be heard,” he is quoted as saying.

“We have the ability to run an open, transparent, participatory and collaborative government,” he also said.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Apologize To Rush Limbaugh And Then Take It Back Website

Now this is funny! A new website released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee allows you to do what Republicans are now doing: saying sorry to Rush Limbaugh AFTER you bad mouth him. Try it out here:

Be sure to check out the right-hand side. You'll see what other people have done - u' hem - STEELE!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yerba Mate And Cancer

I write for another blog and while studying for the post, which included poking around the internet, I learned that a study in South America made some correlation between cancer and mate consumption - I WAS SHOCKED! However, before I give we talk about the study, let's talk about the goodness of mate' and its cancer-fighting compounds:

It has been found to inhibit oral cancer cell proliferation by a study conducted at the University of Illinois, and it is also now known that Yerba Mate contains cancer-fighting properties.

It is full of antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E as well as many phytochemicals. Phytochemicals contain powerful antioxidants and augment immune defenses and protect against cellular destruction. Saponins are also found in Yerba Mate and have been found to protect against disease by inciting immune response. Drinking Mate tea, however, should not substitute eating fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce risk of cancer.

Now, on to the study...

Question: I recently started drinking Yerba mate tea. However, on the internet there was one research study that extensive use of yerba Mate tea can contribute to esophagus cancer?

Answer: There has been some association found with yerba mate and esophageal cancer, however this study was done among a population in Brazil that drinks yerba mate on a daily basis. The highest rates of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Brazil occur in Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern state, which has incidence rates of 20.4/100,000 a year for men and 6.5/100,000 a year for women. Exposure to carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through tobacco smoke and other sources may increase the risk of esophageal cancer. The aims of the current study were to investigate the degree and sources of PAH exposure of the inhabitants of this region of southern Brazil. Tobacco smoke and mate both contribute to high levels of benzopyrene exposure in the people of southern Brazil. This high PAH exposure may contribute to the high rates of esophageal cancer observed in this population. The increased urine 1-OHPG concentrations associated with mate suggest that contaminants, not just thermal injury, may help explain the increased risk of esophageal cancer previously reported for mate consumption.


Thus, it appears as if further study is needed. Additionally, it is critical to remember CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSATION!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm Just Not Seeing Jindal...

What I don't get is the lack of sense Jindal makes: I think he could be a strong leader for the Republican party, but the guy needs to WAKE UP! This "we THINK the democrats are wasting money" is an academic argument.