Tuesday, May 07, 2013

1000th Post Milestone - The Creative Chainring

Milestone reached: 1000 blog posts! Today, ChainRingAction.BlogSpot.Com moves past a big one in the blogger world - 1000 published blog posts. We've been through a lot together... Remember when I first started this thing?

It was September 6th, 2005 and I had just been sponsored to ride as a full-on sponsored mountain bike racer. Of course, my entire mindset centered on mountain biking in Southwest Colorado (still does - yay). If you gathered the historical content tags throughout my blog for the first 1 - 2 years, you wouldn't really find much more than cycling stories - some adventure travel too. It was through that passion YourMTB discovered me and I started blogging/writing about mountain biking in a serious way. My personal blog took kind of a back seat, but I still kept it up. Remember when I did the Edge Loop in Fruita? But ChainRingAction evolved into much more than just a cycling/outdoor blog, it gained maturity and focused on the other topics that all blogs take on: politics, work experience and the personal... 

When it comes to work experience, I've found that I'm mostly interesting in exploring new ideas, and focusing on how processes (which is what work really is) could be better. For example, project management is a big thing for me, and I mostly see how people get it wrong! Because of my good friend, Scott C, I also found that I became passionate about collaboration. He taught that criticisms are good, but collaboration is key to uncovering value where friction thrives. Management was also big for me, doing things simply was the mantra then here in this post

On the personal front, I didn't say a lot. I went through a divorce in 2011 and it pretty much crushed me (still trying to think through who I really am). But not only did this blog make it to 1000 posts, I made it 10 years in Durango. I met my girlfriend, Kristi, who has taught me a lot about my life, and who I am. She's been a frequent image in my blog posts, and awesome outdoor and personal companion. I've learned more about who I am from her than from anyone in my life. In addition, she's challenged me as a person - to be the very best that I am. Thank you babe! 

You're probably gearing up for the political post commentary... But I'm not going there. One thing that I've learned from my good friend and tea-party, conservative Christian, co-worker Ryan is that innovation CAN come from an ideals. What he's learned from me, during our heated debates, is that ideals CAN also crush innovation. So that's all about politics until the next debate in 2016! 

Thank you for reading, for listening to my podcasts and here's to 1001 blog posts! 


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